Progressive DNC

PDNC 2021

Progressive DNC is the newest release of DNC software by Berkshire Technology Solutions(BTS). BTS has partnered with Thingworx to revolutionize DNC communications by utilizing traditional DNC functions on the Thingworx platform. Progressive DNC is a completely customizable Software-as-a-Service(SAAS) solution that allows SMB and Enterprise manufacturing corporations to communicate with CNC machines using the latest technology. By utilizing a web-based platform for communications, Progressive DNC can seamlessly integrate with CNC machines as well as Comtrol and Moxa Serial-to-Ethernet hardware all within one easy to use interface. For CNC machines that require RS232 serial communication, Progressive DNC interfaces directly with Serial-to-Ethernet hardware, in turn, eliminating the need for additional software to create and utilize anachronous COM ports.

Powerful Technology + Simplified DNC Features

  • Upload/Download NC Programs via PC or CNC Direct
  • Single easy to use interface that can be customized
  • Small to large network installations
  • View drawings and instructions
  • Part file transfer window
  • Configure hardware within interface
  • Live machine feedback to operators

ThingWorx IoT Platform

The ThingWorx Internet of Things (IoT) Platform is the only enterprise-ready platform that enables innovators to rapidly develop and deploy smart, connected solutions. This platform contains the most complete set of integrated IoT-specific development tools and capabilities, making solution development simple. Once installed, the platform can lead to various machine reading activities.

  • By utilizing localized web-based platform for communications, Progressive DNC can seamlessly integrate with CNC machine
  • Configurator and Controller are now in one easy to use customizable user interface
  • Easily add users and manage groups
  • Subscribe to events (I.E. wireless signal strength)
  • Receive text message or E-mail notifications
  • Direct access to BTS support
  • View firmware version, IP address, parameter settings, and signal strength from one interface
  • Virtual Machine capability
  • Mobile device compatibility via IOS/Android app or compatible browser

Supporting Technology

Progressive DNC can be used with the following supporting infrastructure:

Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 and Newer

Database Options: Microsoft SQL Server (2012 and Newer)

To learn more about the ThingWorx Platform click here.