Berkshire Technology Solutions – Overview

Berkshire Technology Solutions (BTS) is a supplier of Distributed Numeric Control (DNC) software to the discrete manufacturing industry. BTS’s DNC software is used to manage the electronic transfer of part programs to and from computer numeric controlled (CNC) machines. BTS has significant experience with DNC software and its flagship product, DNC Professional™, is used by over 2,000 manufacturers from SMB to Enterprise. BTS is committed to providing compelling DNC software solutions now and in the future.

Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for clients to find, buy, implement and use the best solutions available for their DNC needs. With BTS, clients no longer need to spend countless hours researching solutions and hoping the products integrate with their existing infrastructure. BTS’s veteran staff possesses the knowledge, skillsets and experience needed to meet the DNC requirements for clients of any size. Our engineers have thoroughly researched and vigorously tested our primary software solution, DNC Professional™, against the industry’s leading hardware manufactures to ensure reliable communication is never a concern. . BTS is committed to providing high quality software and service to the over 2,000 existing DNC Professional™ clients and is aggressively seeking to provide value to an expanded customer base. BTS is focused on DNC software now and in the future.

DNC Professional™

Direct Numerical Control (DNC) technology connects computerized numerically control (CNC) machines to an established network infrastructure leveraging the use of existing File Servers, Sql Servers and network devices. Using digital instructions, machines can produce a wide variety of precision parts, such as engine components, aircraft parts, and molds for other parts. DNC Professional™ is a DNC system that allows operators to view and edit electronically all of the documents and data that are required to perform specific manufacturing functions. DNC Professional™ organizes documents and data utilizing a database and allows shop floor personnel to easily locate pertinent factory floor information. DNC Professional™ was initially developed and marketed by CIMNET, Inc. BTS redesigned DNC Professional™ with the release of version 6 in 2013 and is aggressively working towards a new web-based version.

BTS History & DNC Product Timeline

The DNC industry took off during the late 1980s in the United States. At that time, John Richardson founded JNL Industries. In the early 1990s JNL focused on reselling CAM solutions and developing a cutting edge DNC Product line. The JNL DNC product was called CIMNET. JNL eventually changed the company name to CIMNET, Inc. based on the market recognition of that brand/DNC Product name.

During the 1990s and first part of the 2000s CIMNET developed many well known DNC solutions. CIMNET DNC evolved from the product names and technologies of DNC Jr, Multicom, DNC1, DNC Plus and the current offering DNC Professional™. CIMNET grew into the industry leader in DNC communications and supported a customer base of over 2,000 manufacturing facilities with over 15,000 DNC licenses sold worldwide.

Tom Byrne was responsible for leading the DNC Business and the reseller network at CIMNETand on July 30th, 2010 founded Berkshire Technology Solutions (BTS), in turn, entering into a definitive agreement to certain assets and exclusive rights to all of CIMNET’s DNC software, hardware, and service maintenance agreements.

Tom Byrne (the former CIMNET DNC lead) founded BTS to return a high level of focus to the DNC product line and customer base. Tom and the staff of BTS dedicated resources to developing and supporting DNC Professional while continually looking to improve the product.

BTS is based in the Reading, PA region. Satellite offices are established in Dallas, Knoxville, and Chicago. A series of over 25 distribution offices operate to sell and support DNC Professional in the USA and some international locations. Many of these offices have focused on this product line for over fifteen years.