MES Solutions

BTS software has allowed many customers to start with a basic DNC system and grow into a complete shop floor control system with the Wonderware® MES solution. This growth path separates BTS from all other DNC vendors on the market. Wonderware® MES for the discrete manufacturing industry is a configurable shop floor software system for manufacturers interested in a complete solution for DNC, Machine Utilization, OEE, Production Tracking, SPC and more.

BTS DNC Professional™ customers are given the opportunity to leverage their DNC investment by growing the system through the available Wonderware® MES modules. Dollars spent on an initial DNC system can be leveraged towards a Wonderware® MES upgrade. All of the DNC infrastructure and hardware can remain in place. This growth path offers manufacturers the ability to start with a simple DNC installation and grow that solution into a complete lean manufacturing control system.

“Our company has been able to add various different types of machines and manage them with ease. The knowledgeable staff along with the easy to use software has saved our company a lot of time and money. Much better than the others we have used in the past.”