Machine Tool Monitoring & Data Collection

Progressive MDC (Machine Data Collection) is a licensed feature of Progressive DNC used to monitor CNC machine utilization downtime and OEE. Progressive MDC supports a wide range of connection methods to both modern and legacy CNC controls. When PLCs are needed, Progressive MDC can seamlessly integrate with Kepware OPC servers and Moxa IO hardware. Progressive MDC supports real-time monitoring and is capable of synchronizing with reporting servers running Crystal Reports for historical and data trend analysis.

Currently, BTS offers two CNC machine monitoring solutions: Progressive MDC™ Standard and Progressive MDC LITE™. Both solutions require a prerequisite of Progressive DNC 2021™ and additional licensing

REAL-TIME Machine Shop Monitoring

  • Automatic OEE Analysis
  • MTConnect, HAAS Q COmmand and Fanuc FOCAS support
  • PLC and Moxa I/O hardware options
  • Optimize Machine Performance
  • Wired or Wireless Collection

REAL-TIME Machine Monitoring Status

  • See at a glance, the current status of CNC machines
  • Discover machine downtime reasons
  • Maximize the utilization of CNC equipment
  • Acquire cycle time and part counts
  • Monitor average downtime and runtime
  • Drill Down Information for each Machine

Current and Historical Reporting

  • Track production by time period, shift, machine and operator
  • Display graphs such as horizontal, stacked bar, area and point
  • Generate reports by groups, machine, time period, job number and shift
  • User customizable reports using Crystal Reports
  • Web browser based reports