Installation & Training

The BTS DNC Professional™ team offers onsite installation and consulting services that are billable at an hourly or daily rate. The BTS engineering staff has significant experience installing and configuring DNC and data collection systems. When performing an onsite installation or troubleshooting visit, BTS Application Engineers typically handle:

  • Software configuration
  • Hardware setup and configuration
  • DNC Parameter setting
  • Pin configuration and connection
  • Download/upload testing
  • System Administrator and Operator training

Customers are typically responsible for stringing of RS232 or CAT 5 cable and providing networked PC’s configured with Windows operating system software. BTS also offers DNC system training. Administrative and Operator training courses can be held onsite or near Reading, Pennsylvania, USA. Prices can vary based on class size, location, etc. To receive a quote for system training, please contact the BTS sales team.

“They came out to our facility and demonstrated the DNC Pro software and assured us they could solve our communication problems. They gave us a very reasonable quote and had us up and going immediately. Anytime we have a problem or an unexpected issue arises, we contact BTS and they are more than willing to help us figure out a solution.”